Monday, 3 November 2014

50m Dry Dive

We all met up in St Johns wood at the London diving chamber. 

Me (Joel), Caz, Wayne, James C, 
James W., Ray, Ian and Kathryn we're going for a 50m dive, in the dry!

On arrival we were told to change into medical scrubs which made us all look pretty silly we had a brief on what to expect and how it will happen. Then off we went into the chamber, we were originally going to go in two groups of four because it is a small chamber but the doctor was happy to take all eight of us at once which was a first for the chamber to 50 m.

It was very cosy inside and as soon as the door shut they started to blast in compressed air and as we descended it got very hot and sweaty...

It only took a few minutes to get to 50 m (Caz was giggling well before that). It feels very strange at pressure we all sounded like 'pinky and perky'. The doctor was very funny he told us all to try and whistle (which is impossible) just to laugh at us trying. Narcosis at 50 m is an amazing experience and the time (15 min) went by very fast.

The humidity was at 100% at 50 m the doctor said it will get very foggy when we start to ascend a few minutes later we had vis nearly as bad as Wrasbury and everywere was damp as the fog soon condensed in to a fine mist. 

The went as we ascended and we were all given oxygen masks to aid our decompression (25 min on 100% O2). It turns out you leave the chamber with less nitrogen in you body than you had to start with. 

I would recommend it to any diver all the staff were great fun and very professional.
We concluded the evening with a nice ruby and a couple of beers

Big thanks to Caz for organising the trip


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